Happy New Year!
The Inforum team sends their best wishes for 2017!
31 January, 2017 by
Happy New Year!
SARL INFORUM, Fabien Duval
Carte de vœux Inforum 2017

We wish you the best for 2017! A beautiful year, full of new contacts, professional and personal success, health, peace and happiness!

For Inforum, 2017 will be the opportunity to develop further their IT solutions for the management of your dry-cleaning stores and “small batch” laundries!

You will find below a retrospective of our greeting cards of the last years. Time goes by so fast!

Start off on the right foot and try our dry cleaning management software GestiClean Up’ for free


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Happy New Year!
SARL INFORUM, Fabien Duval
31 January, 2017